Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fighting for our media

Campaign running at OurMedia:
"New Zealand's media faces a crisis. Newsrooms are being cut, journalists' wages and conditions are under attack and commercial pressures are seeing news quality sacrificed to improve corporate profits. This isn't good enough - a well resourced news media is vital to the functioning of good communities and a healthy democracy. Without quality journalism, good technical support and decent media resourcing New Zealanders will not get quality and reliable news and that means the crucial decisions we make in our lives as citizens risk being uninformed decisions. Help stop the decline of our media and our democracy by joining our campaign to take our media back."
Registration has opened for the Journalism Matters Summit (August 11-12) - run by journos for journos. Programme under comments.

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café pacific said...

Journalism Matters

Parliament, August 11-12, 2007

Confirmations as of July 16, 2007


9am Registration

10am Keynote speaker: What is the state of New Zealand’s media?
Dr Judy McGregor (Former journalist, newspaper editor, academic and now EEO Commissioner)

11am Commercial pressures on journalism panel discussion and open forum
Conducted under Chatham House rules
Gavin Ellis (Former NZ Herald editor), Rick Neville (Deputy CEO, APN), Simon Collins (Social Issues reporter, NZ Herald), Fairfax management representative

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Workshop on morning issues

2:30 Speech: The international perspective and consolidation of media ownership
Chris Warren (Immediate past president, International Federation of Journalists)

3:30 Afternoon tea

4.00 Journalistic ethics panel discussion and open forum
Vernon Small (Press Gallery chair), Jim Tully (University of Canterbury), Chris Warren (IFJ), Tony Wilton (Former national secretary, NZJU and JAGPRO)

5.00 Backbencher

An optional banquet dinner at the Grand Century will follow, at a cost of $35 a head.


10am Public broadcasting panel discussion and open forum - Kathryn Ryan (Host, Nine to Noon), Richard Harman (Executive producer, Agenda), Peter Cavanagh (CEO, Radio NZ), Sharon Fergusson (Reporter, TVNZ), Margie Comrie (Massey University)

11am What can be done? panel discussion and open forum - Jeremy Rose (Former editor, City Voice), Kim Griggs (Freelance journalist), Alastair Thompson (Editor, Scoop.co.nz)

12pm Workshop on issues raised and possible solutions

1pm Lunch

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