Tuesday, December 17, 2013

'Scary' Caveman delivers the rugby knockout - officials see red

THE "Caveman" rugby star Sebastien Chabal has been a real knockout this week. He hit the headlines in France over for this KO blow on number eight Marc Giraud during the second division ProD2 match between Lyons and Agen at the weekend.

Giraud was carried off on a stretcher. Now aged 35, the former French icon is still playing rugby, plying his sporting prowess with Lyons in France.

He built a reputation for not only looking like one of the scariest men in the sport, but playing like it too, famously breaking All Black Ali Williams' jaw and knocking out Chris Masoe.

Not too long ago he announced that this would be his final season of rugby due to his body starting to feel the aches and pains that come with playing professionally for so long.

He clearly hasn't lost any of the competitive spirit though, as was seen, and felt by Agen eighthman Giraud.

Held back
Giraud appeared to hold Chabal back - a common annoyance for loose forwards - but the reaction was probably a little disproportionate as the burly Frenchman swung what initially looked like a slap with a straight arm.

The result made it seem more like a punch, as Giraud was knocked out cold.

He was carried off the field in a stretcher before coming around in the changing room, then was taken off to hospital after there were fears that he had broken his jaw.

They later found that it was fine, although he did injure his ankle when he fell, unconscious.

Chabal was promptly shown a yellow card after the touch judges alerted the referee, so he left the field for 10 minutes, but protested his innocence on the way off.

Disciplinary hearing
He will no doubt face a disciplinary hearing in a fortnight, and could be out of rugby for quite some time with a lengthy suspension.

Agen showed the incident to the referee post match, and he admitted that it should have been a red card.

"I am furious with the referee who did not show a red card," said Agen's Alain Tingaud.

Giraud later tweeted:

"It's not too bad, thanks for the support. I'll sleep well."

A lengthy ban for Seabass?

Also, do you think that those that hold other players back like this should be penalised, or is it one of those things that is too difficult to monitor?

Source: Rugby Dump

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