Monday, May 27, 2013

Pearson speaks out on press freedom, social media and the citizen

FINALLY, we have the full video of Mark Pearson's inspiring UNESCO World Press Freedom day lecture available on YouTube.

This was the inaugural such lecture with the theme "Press freedom, social media and the citizen," delivered by Professor Pearson on May 3 at AUT University's impressive communications "heart" at the Sir Paul Reeves Building.

In his opening words, he said: "Firstly I wish to acknowledge the tangata whenua of Tamaki Makaurau and to thank UNESCO and my hosts here at AUT's Pacific Media Centre and the School of Communication Studies for your hospitality this week.

"The Pacific region can lay claim to several 'press freedom warriors' over recent decades. It would be a mistake to try to name such individuals in a forum like this because you inevitably leave someone off the list -- and they are usually sitting in the very room where you are giving your address!" 

And from then on, he spoke on a wide-ranging series of media freedom issues and touched on his new ethical approach to media in a bid to regain our public trust, which he has dubbed "mindful journalism".

Dr Pearson, professor of journalism and social media at Griffith University and the Australian representative of the Paris-based media freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders, will be speaking more about this in Dublin next month.

Other speakers in this AUT video: Wiremu Tipuna,  Dr Camille Nakhid, Professor David Robie, Tim McBride and Professor Judy McGregor.

Professor Pearson's main speech starts at 27min28sec.

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