Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fiji press freedom and a fresh Kiwi angle

MEDIA7 last night had a crack at Fiji press freedom and coverage in the New Zealand media - and it wasn't too flattering. A news intro covered the expulsion of three publishers in a year and deportation of two New Zealand-based journalists: Fairfax's Michael Field and TVNZ's Kiribati-born Barbara Dreaver, the channel's Pacific affairs correspondent. The intro also raised criticisms of lack of balance and depth in NZ media coverage and highlighted former University of the South Pacific's professor Croz Walsh and his scathing comments in a new blog focused on Fiji affairs. Presenter Russell Brown raised wide-ranging questions with his panel - Café Pacific's David Robie (AUT Pacific Media Centre director), Barbara Dreaver and Radio Tarana's managing director Robert Khan. The general mood was that Fiji deserved a fairer hearing, more support for finding a solution - and "there's only one thing worse than a coup and that's a failed coup".


café pacific said...

Hi David - have just listened to your 95bfm radio interview and the Media7 TV discussion.

It’s so good to hear Fiji discussed in an intelligent way.


café pacific said...

Watched the clip from TV7 - very good Fiji discussion - well done. Cheers


Anonymous said...

Apparently TV7 has decided that if you live in the region, and they are broadcasting a program about the region, you still aren't permitted to watch it unless you're from NZ. The brilliance of Pasifik media management, I guess. Let's examine the tough issues, but make damned sure not to let anyone know about it.

Aloha, m

café pacific said...

Check out Media7 on YouTube - it should be available there soon:

Media7 broadcasts on TVNZ7 on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9.10pm and Fridays and Tuesdays at 12.10pm.

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