Sunday, January 11, 2009

Auckland protest against Israeli genocide in Gaza

RANDOM images from the international protest against the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip in Auckland, New Zealand, on Saturday. Speakers included Green MP and foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke. Photos: David Robie and Del Abcede


Anonymous said...

stop israel!!!!!!!

Mariam said...

Why do the Muslim countries allow this genocide attrocities of muslims on their front door under their noses? Do they fear the Jews in Israel which is a cursed nation? Why are our Brothers Sisters Children and Elders being matyred with out so much as a no from the Muslim countries goverments? They should be voted out of power by the people of those countries as they are not fit to lead any nation. They are not Muslims they are scum. Our beloved Prophet would turn over in his grave if he knew what was occuring. He stood for justice he stood with the oppressed. Do the Muslim countries leaders forget where they come from and to where they shall have to return? Or are all of them members of the Secret Societies that believe in Shaitaan's rule, I know some of them by name that are members of the New World Order they don't even hide it.Look at how they strech their hand up in the air and show the fore finger and the pinkie when they greet on TV. Did they forget the Shaitaan will renounce them the day of Judgement and say that even he believe in ALLAH and that they will go to hell with the Shaitaan. May ALLAH expose them for what they are and let the people who put them in power vote them out AMEEN

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